About the fears of doing a major change in life.

Every big change is hard. Moving from your parents' house, getting married (or ending a long relationship), immigrate to another country or even to another city.

All of those changes are incremental, when you were a child it seems scary to start your first day in the kindergarten, you usually cry and tell your mom to take you back home and don't leave you with all those unfamiliar kids. And why won't you react that way? it's a new place, new people and a whole new beginning. They took a kid and flipped his whole world upside down.

Remember the time you've first asked the first crush on a date when you were a teenager. Right now it doesn't sound so scary right? But I still remember the goosebumps and adrenaline rush from back then. That was a big leap, but we did it!

Each time you make a hard decision or make a big change in your life, you raise the bar for the next time. Each time you raise the bar you create a lot more life opportunities that from now on will not be so scary anymore.

I usually try to remember how I felt about old decisions and adventures before I took the leap. And retrospectively it doesn't seem so hard anymore.

Take a leap of faith, believe in yourself and your abilities. you'll be surprised of what you can handle. It will make your life more fun and you'll never get the "I wish I've done that..." and "what if.." feelings.

We, humans, are very adaptive to (almost) any new life circumstances. So when the opportunity presents itself, just jump right in, it might be an adventure of a lifetime.