When I told people I'm traveling to Poznan, their first reaction was "Bless you! what? where is it? when will you go somewhere interesting?". But they were wrong, I had an amazing time there.

It's a funny story, it was almost 3 years ago. I was sitting at my desk having coffee while browsing through Skyscanner. Skyscanner has a neat feature that I really like which helps you find for a specific date the cheapest destinations. I do it from time to time, seeking new opportunities for traveling new destinations. I came across a flight to Poznan.

I've decided to go there, but not alone, so I needed to find someone. Back then, there was a new guy who joined my team at work just 2 weeks earlier. I didn't know much about him, only his name and that he's approximately my age, we barely said hello in the morning. Imagine that I'm sitting with my back to a wall and in front of me were my computer screens, he's sittings across the room with his back to the wall in front of me. Then it passed through my mind why don't I ask him to join me.

Me: "Yo, Raz, wanna go with me to Poznan for a weekend?"
Raz: "Where is it ?"
Me: "Poland apparently"
Raz: "OK, Order it"

So I did.

I booked a flight for mid-November 2017 with Ryanair, for 60 euros round trip. In my opinion, RyanAir is by far the worst airline I had ever traveled with. Throughout the flight they advertised duty-free offerings constantly, in between each commercial they loudly ask if someone could break 100 euro bills, it was a nightmare. Even though I would fly with them again if the price will be low enough (and I did, a flight to Cyprus on February 2020).

When touring Poznan, you should keep in mind that Poland in November is Freakin' cold. It will be much nicer and brighter if you go there in the summer, even though there are some perks for traveling in proximity to Christmas, as the great Christmas market!

We arrived late at night, I usually try to book most of my flights while trying to minimize the loss of workdays. Our flight landed at 1 AM, short hustle at the airport and we were on our way to the hotel in the city center via Uber. Uber was our main method of transportation in Poznan. We arrived at our hotel, Palazzo Rosso, which was very cheap (at least for what we were used to). Surprisingly it was pleasantly nice and has a great location in the old city center.

We were really hungry so we found some fast food burger place and had a night walk near the hotel.

Poznan at night

We went back to sleep and woke up early to discover the city. I think there is a breakfast at the hotel but we didn't get it. We tried to find something to eat outside and found a place named Razowa bistro, not the best place but it was ok.

As I mentioned before, we went to the Christmas market! and the best thing about it - Hot wine!

So what can you do in Poznan during the weekend?

Free walking tours

First of all, as I always suggest - take the free walking tour! You'll get to know the city, it's history and a little bit about the culture of the people living there. I found two companies that offer free walking tours in Poznan, one by FREETOUR.com and the other by FreeWalkingTour.com. Keep in mind that it's customary to tip at the end of the tour. Also, those companies usually offer other tours that can be interesting, And sometimes I take the Pub Crawl tour - which is a great way to get to know people from all around the world.

Get lost in the city

The city center is really nice, there are a lot of places to eat or drink, Chocolate shops, beer shops and a lot more!

Go out at night

The city is really alive on weekend nights. Wherever you go in the center you'll find Bars and Clubs to go to.

Lech Brewery

Another great thing we did was a tour at the brewery which includes 1 free beer at the brewery pub at the end of the tour (And we stayed for more). Really recommended, You'll hear the story of the brewery, learn about the pipeline of crafting the beer and of course drink at the end! Keep in mind that you need to reserve a tour in advance. The tour takes about an hour and then you can stay at the bar for as long as you want.

Apparently, Lech Brewery's visitor center was closed down a while back. And there are recommendations for other breweries.

Someone recommended me about UŁAN BROWAR and Brovaria. So you should check them out, and I'll be happy to hear about your visit!

Whiskey in the Jar

This is kind of a known Bar-Restaurant in the old town square and you'll find recommendations for this place all over. The thing I liked there besides the good food and drinks was the live music shows, the genre is usually rock. Also, we didn't reserve a table but people told me that you should if you're in a more touristic season.

Shopping Malls

If that's your thing, there are few places and malls for shopping with all the known international brands like Posnania mall. And the prices were really cheap compare to Israel.

Posnania Mall

The best Dinner we had

We had a great dinner at a place called "Wiejskie Jadło" right in the old city center near the old town square. A bottle of Italian red wine and a meat plate for 4 people (yeah I know we were only two get over it we like to eat) with extras cost about 200 PLN. I'll just let the pictures do the talking. And the thing you see in the middle was a slow-cooked pork knuckle and it was awesome!

The best Coffee we had

As we were walking in the streets of Poznan (Get lost in the city! after that open google maps to see how to get back...) We saw a place called "Stragan Kawiarnia" and ordered coffee and breakfast.

Some other notes

Another place for coffee and lunch was "Un Pot" Cafe & Lunch. We had coffee, tea, and soup and it was good.

There's a lot more to do, see and eat (of course) in Poznan. We had a great weekend there and I can really recommend it as a cheap weekend getaway. I hope you liked my thoughts and I'll be happy to hear from you (just visit Contact page).